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Scratching up your guitar? or old car? Problem solved!

Just came in from the leather shop, boy is it cold out there. It was down in the 50’s here last night, brrrrr. Pondering some new ideas for my belts. And here is one of them.

You ever notice how guitar players turn their metal belt buckles to the side? I thought it was because they were fat like me. But then I noticed some of them skinny players were doing it too. After talking to several world-famous guitar players & Eureka they turn those darn metal buckles to the side so they don’t scratch the back of their 1936 D Martin guitars. So (Insert drum roll here) Fat Boy Belts will solve that problem since they feature the world-renowned leather buckle. So no scratches on those collectible guitars. Next time I see Clapton or Hendrix I’m going to present them with a Fat Boy Belt. And if any of you regular stringed instrument players like my son-in-law the banjo picker want to keep from scratching those vintage instruments contact me.

Now I’m going to see if I can get that son-in-law hereafter to be referred to as meathead to pick me a tune and then back out to that frigid shop it only got up to 68 today.

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