eautiful hand-stitched holster available in many of the popular gun models. It is an outside the waistband style holster.

(Some options not pictured)

Features include:

  • Horsehide

  • Hand-stitched

  • 10-15 degree Cant

  • Available in black and brown

  • Suppressor height sights available for additional $15 (see separate listing on holster page)

  • Add a single or double mag pouch using separate listing (see listing for Mag Pouch Add-on on holster page)

  • For any other special request please contact us using the form below or through email before purchasing

  • If you do not see the gun you need a holster for as an option please contact us as we have other options available but not listed!

Estimated 3-4 months for shipping (but we will get them out as soon as we can)

Avenger Style Custom Leather Holster

Leather Color